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Democracy & Global Social Issues. This Book Available at;

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Dear M.K Paul,

The book is received and I will send it on to our library.

With kind regards,

Asle Toje
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Appreciation mail received from USA.

Democracy & Global Social Issues. This Book Available at;
Mr. Karl Guenther, Email:;
From Florida, USA, An Engineer, Inventor & CEO of Sky Train Corp.
June 13, 2016 8:05 PM

Dear M. K. Paul,

That was an excellent read, as an engineer I naturally think along those same lines. This also takes me on our parallel thinking of the train of thought regarding Global NexGen Solutions to become a nonprofit incubator dealing in ‘finalizing’ inventions.

It looks like we have a lot to talk about after we get connected and start building. Great write-up, we could have fun and be players in this. All the best,


Mr. Ben Arnold, CEO, Arnold Publishing, USA, comments in Face Book: 03aug16. Democracy & Global Social Issues. This Book Available at;

Best book ever! Everyone needs this book! "Change your way of thinking: if you want money you need to learn the truths about money - if you want health you need to learn the truths about health - if you want a better world you need to learn the truths about governance and the nations... this book gives you a better world... everyone needs to understand why the world is messed up, why there is no money, why there is no health, why there is no better world, and how to change that! This book should be given to every human who is born into this world. This book will change our world once and for all giving us those things that all humans want; all humans need, but so far has been denied by merely our lack of the truth!" -Ben Arnold (AnaEzine).;

Democracy & Global Social Issues. This Book Available at;

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From: James Wilson
To: M.K. Paul
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2016 3:11 AM
Subject: Re: Publisher, Translator & Printer Required for a new Book: Democracy & Global Social Issues 05jul16 Final.

Dear Partner,

Fantastic! Outstanding job! Thank you. You'll be properly compensated according to all of our promises here shortly. Our product is ever changing but always for the better for everyone. You'll be very happy with what you see as we continue to becoming the finest company and product on the planet! Thank you so much!

That's what I say to all of our partners. To get more specific to your particular request and needs, yes, I read the book and it's outstanding, I really want it for all of my friends and family, and the whole world. It's a book that can truly change this world. I agree with the author that education can transform our world in a perfect one. And I believe this author's book is the very tool by which that education can be attained by the individual of the world.

The enemies targeted by the words in this book will cause many ruffled feathers in congress and high offices and board rooms and private meetings around the world. Only certain publishers, the 98% who are not owned by the elite will probably publish this book. I'm one of them who would love to publish this book. My publishing philosophy is that printing a book means nothing, writing a book means nothing, its existence means nothing, putting it on bookstore shelves means nothing, if nobody picks it up and reads it. In my mind I believe that even just one person reading your book makes it priceless and well worth having written. If it does more good in that person's life than bad.

Even a book that causes bad to happen is often beneficial somehow if you can believe that war, and everything bad that happens in life, is for reason, for a higher purpose. The one book that I think is possibly the best book ever written in fact did reportedly at least help to start a war; the book's power of which was attested to by none-other-than the most famous U.S. President in history, Abraham Lincoln who said to the author, "so, you're the little lady who started this war."

I insinuate that it's equal to the Bible because the overwhelming primary message of the Bible is that men should not subject other men to lesser stations but rather propel them higher and that's the message of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and does it in similar fashion to the Bible by portraying the worst that can happen when men disobey that principle.

Mein Kempf by Adolf Hitler didn't start WW2 but rather was the war plan in Adolf Hitler's mind and he merely published it for the whole world to see prior to working towards its accomplishment. Perhaps, it did help in perpetuating the war. It was similar to your book, but an entirely different approach to how to achieve the aims set out in both your books. It seeks to create a better world.

Everybody has their own perspective of what a perfect world should look like. Humanity mostly has the same heart and same mind; mostly. We all gravitate towards the same true north. Your book pointed out that the ones who want a world like what we have now, are very few. You even insinuated that most women are good and that the few bad apples almost always men. And that if those very few, that handful of men, who have created today's world are removed, the women who are the majority if set free will make our world better. I agree.

I also agree that it's because those of us who want a world of freedom, equality, peace, prosperity for all, and so on... fail because we're not willing to take the aggressive steps towards that office, that those few evil men are willing to take. I watched men in war kill their fellow, for higher purposes, and asked myself why they couldn't do that in all settings rather than just on the battlefield. And I realized that these higher purposes for which these soldiers were dutifully killing, thinking it a glorious, noble, and righteous one, was in fact the bidding of a greedy, corrupt, evil man who'd already committed countless murders to become the leader of a nation and now it was for that evil leader's continuance in power, his lusts, that these innocent young boys, so-called soldiers were now fighting, killing, and dying for, for him, that devil, maintaining his stay in power. Why couldn't they equally go home and kill, but this time truly kill for the glorious, noble, and righteous reasons they thought they'd been fighting for on the battlefields far from home.

Because of our inability to kill for the right reasons, the right persons, perhaps due to fear, doubt, complacency, laziness, lack of hope, or a plethora of other reasons we don't do it. But they do, those evil men, they do it every day. Killing, killing, and more killing. Except that their kind of killing isn't the kind of killing a soldier does on the battlefield, or a father in defense of his family, or a desperate minion trying to save his nation, no, what that evil politician does should never be referred to as killing, but rather murder, in the first degree, and cold blood.

Few politicians who truly rule their roost ever get there without committing murders along the way. We might as well be honest, that's one among the many prominent theme of this book. We should realize this before we go about publishing this book to the whole world. Because they too, those bad apples, who have all the power, all the money, and all the will in the world, will also see this book. Will they allow us to place this book in the hands of their slaves? The masses of the world?

Like I said before, in my publishing philosophy, a book is useless, worthless, pointless if it doesn't get into the hands of someone who reads it and it does something good for their life. Whether it's entertainment that puts a smile on their face or a little thrill or emotion in their heart and perhaps a thought or two in their brain. It's not about the money. However, what good would we be to humanity if our only goal was just one reader? The money isn't our goal. The money is the unfortunate byproduct. Unfortunately if I put this book in the hands of 7 billion people you would become among the richest people on the planet. Hopefully you wont do what Bill Gates or Steven Spielberg and others like them have done which is to join the establishment, the elite who created the current world we live in and perpetuate the same; one continuous round, and vicious self-perpetuating cycle, that we call life these days. Most people don't realize that Bill Gates is the son of perhaps one of the most inside of the inside men of the groups that created today's world. Their goal wasn't only similar to Hitler's but they were the men who inspired Hitler and also helped him when he seemed he'd be the one to propel their aims towards reality. Many say they didn't fail, and that WW2 wasn't the end of their dreams but rather another successful step towards it. Did America really destroy Hitler or did they adopt or in fact had been the creators of his entire purpose? More than 60% of Americans at that time were German in fact, and many, especially many of the most prominent of Americans, politicians, celebrities, business persons loved Hitler and supported him in every way possible. Until President FD Roosevelt overstepped his bounds, and Dictator Stalin overstepped his bounds. Why did General Patton, among the most famous war leaders in human history, tell Eisenhower (the leader of U.S. efforts in Europe), that Patton was going back to tell the U.S. people what was being done in Europe/Asia and expose Eisenhower's treason, and Patton wrote to his wife saying that Eisenhower was going to murder Patton if Patton didn't escape on an airplane to the U.S. immediately?

This world isn't evil. Just like your book says, they're are only a few evil persons, a few bad apples, and that if the world knew this fact, was educated, and recognized the problems the world faced that the people of this world could then remedy these problems. I believe this book, is so simple, so straight forward, not too long, no beating around the bush, no fluff, would serve as the first in several books that every individual in this world should be given to read by their parents upon learning how to read. And it should be re-read at each major interval in a child's life, each transition, their entrance into elementary school, middle school, and then again in High School, and hopefully again in college. This book should be alongside the Bible, or in fact in front of it because it seems the world never reads the Bible, I've humiliated countless pastors, missionaries, church leaders and ministers by asking them to tell me certain stories from the Bible and they could not. If the world would read, something called education, it would empower them to root out those one or two devils among them. Those wolves in sheep's clothing. And free our world at last.

As I said concerning my publishing philosophy, I would not be a publisher if I couldn't get more than one reader for your book. And in so saying obviously I am unhappy with anything less than the majority of the human population reading the books that I publish. Which means that you'd be rich, obviously. And is why I'm a billionaire and all of my authors are millionaires.

I have seen books like yours, but never have any come my way, for me to publish. Usually they get published by others, there are so many publishing companies, it's really a matter of luck. Wish I had published the Harry Potter and Twilight books, for example. Just a matter of luck. When there are a million authors and a million publishers, the chance that somebody like you would walk through my door is like finding a needle in a haystack or as properly said by Disney in "Aladdin" it's like finding "a diamond in the rough."

Many would consider your book rough because it lacks evidence such as citing other sources, any references, and so on. Personally I believe that your book is the source. You are the expert. Just as a doctor would say when asked by a patient for references, citations, etc. People ask how Christians know that God exists and that the Bible is for real. I say that until they open their eyes and look around at the world around them, how would they ever know what is real or not, and so the argument is pointless in most people's case. The average person has no concept of reality because first of all they don't even realize where reality comes from, what shapes it, the fact that coincidence exists, the fact that reality might not even exist. Scientists have proven that this life is fake, that we're inside a program, like on a computer. They did this by finding the walls, the ends of existence, at the ends of space. Kind of like how a cartoon character can't just leave the TV. That's a scary thought. Or to think that perhaps we don't even exist. That's a scary thought. I can understand why humans prefer not to ask questions, prefer to not know.

And that's whats I liked most about your book, is that it wasn't 700 pages long. It wasn't overburdened by countless references and examples and stories. But rather like a technical manual it cut right to the chase. A pilots manual doesn't explain all the historical reasons why certain maneuvers are recommended. It doesn't list all the crash victims, all the real-life stories, and a long list of testimonials, and so on and so forth. No, it says pull the stick up and roll the airplane and then dive and then pull up for a smooth landing. If the pilot pauses at any point in that maneuver they're all dead! He/she doesn't have time to ponder all the testimonials and question whether or not it's true. He/she doesn't have time to ponder on other people's experiences and stories, or history. He/she must act. And act immediately. And just do it! Why? Because otherwise they die! That's all a pilot instructor will tell his/her student. They won't tell long stories, quoting names and quotes to try and prove it, or add more stories to compile more evidence, it's not a debate, it's not about persuasion, or coercion. It's about getting the job done, flying the airplane, doing it right.

If a person wants history, or stories, and evidence, they don't read a manual. They read a history book. They research newspaper clippings. They get a book that's about stories, experiences, not a book that is a manual. Manuals are not history books. They are the culmination and end product of such books. The U.S. President doesn't give the American people a history lesson and debate facts and evidence whenever he/she addresses the nation. No, he/she has already had meetings with all of the experts, advisors, and has a long life of education already under his/her belt and a fine understanding of all the facts, evidence, history, and so on. He/she doesn't give all of that to the listeners, no. He/she simply says what it is that he/she wants, has committed to, and expects, and that's that. No life history, or a dozen stories, testimonials, coercive spiel, no.

This book tells what the problem is, how to fix it, end of story. Take it or leave it. And I know that the majority of people will feel that it's correct and will agree with it. The experts will have a copy and will praise it. The good leaders of the world will praise it. Many can try to stop it, but it's an idea, and it's the right idea, and that's something nobody can stop. It will spread. Like "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Do you think the slave holders tried to stop the spreading of that book? Yes! And were they in the government, very powerful and rich men? Yes! Did they stop it? No, and an army came to those slave holder's door step, burned their fields, poisoned their water, and freed the slaves, destroyed those evil men's enterprise. This book was shoved down those evil men's throats.

Right now those evil men are nearly finished with their plan. We've seen parts of it, for example we seen Hitler, and we seen many wars. We seen perpetual illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, violence, pollution, disease, and so on. But most of their plan we have not seen, they work in the dark, in the shadows, and don't let anyone know their dealings. But like an idea, the good people of the world, and what's right, cannot be stopped. And those evil men are indeed few. And they are not gods. They are not geniuses. They make mistakes for example they owned the Titanic, one of the most famous mistakes in history. Now they own the U.S. Federal Reserve, perhaps another major mistake. These are just a few examples of how imperfect and foul-able they really are. You said they are mere artists. I agree. And so it should be no surprise to anyone that their greatest creation, their greatest ambition, the end result that they crave so much, that they've been working towards for thousands of years, will before long come tumbling, crashing down, and sink to the bottom of the sea. They cannot control the icebergs, the cold, the darkness, the universe, humanity, nature, existence. That's why they cannot call themselves gods. But they do, in their foolishness.

And we will be here, to pick up their mess, and continue spreading your book, placing it in the hands of the masses. Did you know that there also is no education for relationship? You mentioned in your book the problems with marriage, how the governments fail to support marriage properly, etc. Just one more aspect of life that's quickly resolved by education. All the problems you point out, your book also gives the solution. Your book is education. Education is the solution. Education is your book.

This book should be mandatory. Because not only is it the truth, and tells them everything they need to know, but does it quickly and isn't a long read. I can name hundreds of books that say the exact same thing your book says. Except they take longer to say it, and nobody has the time, will, and energy to read such exhaustive books. People don't care about politics. People don't care about the world. They don't live in reality, they live in bliss, and don't want that to change. Your book is simple and short enough that they might actually absorb some of it while skimming its pages and it's plain enough that they might not find it too cumbersome in their attempt to try to speed through it. It's easy reading. The important parts stand out. There isn't fluff. It has main themes supported by supporting themes however the themes themselves already give away the whole point and so it's readily absorbed. Very quickly, easily, smoothly. It's the perfect speech really.

Whether or not your book is as good as I think it is, the thing you'll like most about my publishing company is that we make your book a success and spread wide, regardless. Always, I'm saddened, filled with sorrow every day of my life, because I have pity, as I look at all of the other hundreds of millions of books in the world, knowing that none of them except yours will ever be read by a majority of the humans on this planet. Whether it makes a difference in their lives or not, the world will know you, and your book. Are you ready for that kind of responsibility?

Because like you, I recognize the problems in our world, the foolishness of our ways, I've discovered that the publishing industry, another part of our messed up world, is definitely doing things the wrong way. For starters, there are many publishers, however they don't all have the same coverage of the market. Some can get you into certain book stores, and another can get you into the other book stores. None of these publishers can get you into all of the book stores. That's a major draw back. And there are a plethora of other problems preventing your book from getting the mass distribution that it deserves. And so, for starters, I let you retain all rights for your book, I don't want to prevent you from publishing your book everywhere and anywhere possible. If other publishers will take you, I'd recommend that you publish with as many publishers as possible. Most publishers will try to dominate or own your rights so that you can't go to any other publishers. You can quite clearly see how that isn't a boost, but rather is stifling your book's distribution.

You should definitely submit your book to all of the online publishers who publish books for free or keep a commission of each sale. They don't monopolize your book. They distribute it to other publishers, etc.

I will do the same with your book. I will distribute it to all online publishers, all offline publishers, who will accept it without demanding a monopoly on your rights. You will retain all of the rights. And I always pay my authors 80% of the profits I garner and also I urge the author to sell as many copies as they possibly can on their own, keeping 100% of those profits. Why should you leave it all entirely up to me? I will give your book to all the sellers, retailers, distributors, publishers that I possibly can.

But you can also do the same. With both of us doing that, and other publishers doing that for you also, and other sellers, you'll be getting sales and profits from many different directions. For example you can submit your book as a product to Affiliate Marketing directories and have those affiliate marketers out there selling your book for you! All you have to do is offer them a high commission to make them want to sell it. For example a good commission is 30% and you can offer 30% to retailers, etc who would give you and arm and a leg for that kind of a commission.

Most retailers only make 5% or less! You're giving me 20% and I'm putting most of that back into your book, into the marketing, etc. Furthermore I already have millions of customers who will immediately buy your book. And that's just the beginning! Our goal is one billion readers. From there, you and I could probably stop working, go on vacation, and it'll spread like wildfire all on its own to the remaining 6 billion people. Because people share with people. Don't try to monopolize your book, don't try to ask for money, your goal should be distribution only.

In fact, if you want money, you're better off giving this book away for free, and including your website address inside the book and as they flood into your website looking for more of your work, you'll be advertising a $1,000 product at your website and make billions of dollars from that! Worry about distribution, the number of readers, rather than the money. Because if you have a million readers, do you think money is going to come? Yes! Because the next book won't be for free. Once you have a million readers, that's when you ask them to join your membership club for just $1 each. But you're not interested in the money. Being rich is just an unfortunate byproduct. My promise to you is that you'll get the distribution. You'll get a billion readers. I'll send you a contract, which simply states you allow me to use, distribute, promote, sell your book and that I promise to give you 80% of all of my profits from sales of your book. And other promises for example that I won't devalue your book or pass up opportunities to gain profit for you when distributing it. And will add value and place profiting as a top priority and likewise will reach the numbers and distribution that I promised. All you do is allow me to do all of that. And you'll hopefully start submitting your book to online publishers, and affiliate marketing directories, and selling it on your own to everyone, everywhere, anyway possible and give it to as many publishers as will publish it without monopolizing or taking your rights. You promise to keep it open, to allow all publishers to publish it, and forbid any publisher from monopolizing it. And getting a contract from each of them that says how much of the profits they'll give you from each sale of your book. My goal is to get your book into the hands of the school system also. So that your book is taught in schools all around the world. You retain all movie rights, derivative rights, and so on. This is your book. Your product. You are the manufacturer. I'm just making replicas and selling replicas. With your approval. And the agreed upon amount of profit share. The most important part at this moment is to be patient. Recognize that it often takes up to a year and beyond for most publishers to publish your book. Most authors don't receive their first paycheck until after 3 years have gone by. Some start making money within a year. It depends on when the book finally hits the bookstores. My promise is that you'll start getting paid, and your book will start being distributed, before the end of this year. I'll start immediately of course, but it takes time for distribution to be in full swing. The moment money starts coming in, you'll know because we'll send you a monthly split. You'll know if we're swindling you, because your new readers, they'll let you know. The readers will send you feedback, you'll see how many, and so you'll know if you're not getting paid enough. We will keep you updated on numbers. And you'll have a blog where you can interact directly with your readers and see how many of them there are. I will write you again, as soon as you respond. Ask any questions. Talk again very soon.

Write me anytime!!!

Ben Arnold
Arnold Publishing

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From: Hiren Deb
To: My Fellow BUETians in UAE,
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:46 PM
Subject: Fw: Democracy & Global Social Issues - Introduction to: Global Librarians, Publishers, Translators, Educational Institutes & Media.

My Fellow BUETians in UAE,

I'm a BUET graduate of 1971 Batch, graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1972. Since then I worked in Bangladesh Power Development Board, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board then I went abroad in Libya - worked there for about 16 Years.

Since 2007 I have been working with Al Hasoun Arabian Group, a group of Engineering & Construction Companies engaged in Construction Engineering Business for the last 36 Years in United Arab Emirates and other GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia). We feel proud to work under the Dynamic Leadership of a Canadian Citizen Mr. M. K. Paul - a Charming Personality of Bangladesh Origin, hails from Feni, Bangladesh. He is fully involved in this Construction Engineering Business only diversifying the Company Activities in all areas of Construction for more than three decades, completely dedicated. Mr. Paul's only passion/addiction is Construction; his sole motto in business is to Create Employment and Create Skill in People. Through business he spent the major portion of his life in association with the Engineering Community, has a deep sense of respect for this community as he feels this is the class in the society who are only capable to bring about a change in the age old undeveloped/underdeveloped society and building a better world through their technical capability and skill by providing the basic needs of human - FACTE (Food, Accommodation, Clothing, Treatment & Education). As a person of diverse talent - acumen, recently he authored a book named "DEMOCRACY & GLOBAL SOCIAL ISSUES" where he explained how he wants to empower the Technocrats & Scientist for the governance, administration and management of the society/country.

I felt its worth reading, wanted to share with you all. You may download it from the link - Democracy & Global Social Issues 05jul16 Final with ISBN 978-0-9951957-0-7. ph7kgti1xo4/Democracy%20%26%20 Global%20Social%20Issues%2005jul16%20Final..pdf?dl=0;

or online buy from:

Also in the forwarded message you may read interesting comments on the book from many wise personalities worldwide.

Your valuable comments are highly solicited.

Thanks and best regards to you and your family.

Sincerely yours

Hirendra Kumar Deb- Design Manager
B.Sc Engineering (Electrical), MIE (India)
Mobile: +971 50 811 3968
Email: ;
Gen. Contracting, Transport & Trading
P.O Box: 3930     P.O Box: 65568 Abu Dhabi - U.A.E     Dubai - U.A.E
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From: Dino Talukder
Date: 27/08/2016
Subject: Appreciation from DINO TALUKDER

Dear Respected dada,

I have gone through of your book Democracy & Global social issues. I really impressed about your feeling towards the social issues in the world, especially protection of girls, father choose boys over girls, right leader in right place like lawyer cannot acts as doctor and many more. It is a wonderful thought towards the human; I believe people around the world will work for improving the situation after learning lot of valuable information from your book.

I personally appreciate you for your unbelievable affords. It is not only a great job but also a holy job in my opinion.